New Astore Manifold system is launched

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new innovative CLT Modular Manifold System, offering specifiers and contractors increased flexibility when specifying high performance plastic pipework products for a variety of applications within the industrial market.

Manufactured from PVC-U material, the modular system allows between two and four outlets from one inlet and boasts the benefit of an internal coupling step, which has been specifically designed to ensure that when building the manifold up, all of the outlets are perfectly aligned to offer the ultimate in performance capabilities.

A major advantage for contractors and end clients is that the new highly engineered system significantly cuts down on installation time and costs, due to manifolds no longer needing to be fabricated from individual pipes and fittings, which can become an extremely time consuming process.
Additional savings can also be made due to the simple jointing technique of the system, whereby components are simply solvent welded together to achieve the required manifold configuration.
Easily installed within any PVC-U plastic pipework system, the new CLT modular manifold system is suitable for use within a variety of industrial applications from water and waste treatment to chemical processing.

The CLT Modular Manifold System continues our commitment to developing advanced techniques in the production of cost effective, thermoplastic pressure fittings and valves.

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